Enterprise Mobility Solutions
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What is Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise mobility solutions enable businesses to operate smoothly across connected devices, applications, people and processes. It has been on the radar of organisations for some time now. Organisations across the world are inclined to discover opportunities in enterprise mobility via mobile apps, device management, workforce mobility, agile transformations, or a combination of these.

At LJ Web, we offer you an extensive range of enterprise mobility services, including mobility consulting, BYOD, EMM, app engineering, and more. Backed by strong domain and technical expertise, we help enterprises to define your business processes and accelerate growth by designing best-in-class mobility solutions.

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UI/UX Design
App Development
QA / Testing
App Marketing

Enterprise Mobility Consulting

Harness your mobility initiatives to their true potential with our expertise in planning and strategising. We help you unleash the opportunities to enable your business reach more customers effectively.

Integrate, analyse, design and implement mobility solutions

Develop functional and non-functional product prototypes

Analyse and evaluate viability and device operability

Functional and technical requirement analysis

Enterprise Mobility App Design and Development

Leverage our time-tested industry and technical understanding to perform project analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration. We help you overcome the most challenging IT problems rapidly.

Streamlined application design and development

Use cases to garner behaviour insights for actionable results

Training and support for seamless app implementation

Mobile Information Management

Leverage advanced MIM/ MCM solutions to ensure high-end security of sensitive organisation data. We enable you to quickly secure and manage the sensitive, often business-critical data while providing seamless enterprise solutions.

Secure image/video/audio capturing

Pre-defined data management rules

Third-party integrations

Easy content location search features

App Security

Establish secured policies to monitor and manage potential threats to ensure highly secure enterprise mobility solutions. We enable you to develop a mobile architecture without compromising on vital aspects.

Advanced digital capabilities to integrate legacy backend systems

Incorporate security in app development lifecycle for existing apps

Advanced development approached for constant solution delivery

Mobile Device Management

Implement effective EMM, BYOD, and MDM policies to safeguard your business-critical data. We enable enterprises to manage and monitor corporate and employee-owned diversely spread devices.

Seamless operability with multiple service providers

Compliance with company policies and requirements

Efficient integration with existing IT, administrative, and application systems

Effective device management across organisations